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Divorce Singapore

International Divorce

As recognized experts on Family Law in Singapore, we bring more than 30 years of legal experience (firm's lawyers' total legal experience) and our proven LAMNCO Method to benefit our clients. Read More...

Criminal Law

Criminal Law

We have extensive experience in Criminal Law which enable us to help our clients get better outcomes. Our board experience in representing a wide range of cases in court is most helpful to our clients. Read More...

Appointment of Deputy & Adoptions

Appointment of Deputy & Adoptions

Adopting a child can be a highly rewarding, enriching and fulfilling experience. It also involves a lot of responsibilities and is a long term commitment. Careful thought should be given before adopting a child. Read More...

Probate & LAs

Probate & LAs

We can help you get a court order called a Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration so that the executors can collect the assets and then distribute them to the rightful beneficiaries. Read More...

If you are sure your marriage has no future, get out as fast as you can.
If you are not sure, go all out to save your marriage.
Either way, we will be there for you.

Philip Lam - Divorce Lawyer

Our Experienced Divorce Lawyer

Singapore Divorce Lawyer

Philip LamAdvocate & Solicitor

The LAMNCO Method

With our proven, client-focused Winning Divorce Formula (developed over more than 25 years of successful legal experience) to ensure a successful divorce, we listen very carefully to you and truly understand what is most important to you.

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What Our Clients Say About Our Services

Our lawyers will represent you in civil litigation cases such as divorce, child and spouse maintenance.

Philip Lam has been very professional and helpful throughout the whole course. Greatly appreciate his patience and assistance.
Great service given the comparable lower cost in the market. Excellent follow up rendered.
I am pleased with Lam & Co.'s service and will recommend it to my friends.
Always calling to remind on appointments. Very polite and very clear in all explanations. Excellent service.
Lam & Co. delivers quality service and they show empathy towards the individual -- Keep it up and thanks a lot! Really appreciate it!
Lam & Co. has been exemplary in executing their services and I am fully satisfied with their services and would recommend others to them.

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For most people, divorce is a rare and scary thing. You simply do not have any previous experience with it and there are many horror stories you have heard from your friends. Lam & Co.'s expert divorce lawyers are focused on sharing information with you to assist you as much as possible in making painless and correct decisions.

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