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Singapore Divorce Lawyer - Lam & Co Blog

For most people, divorce is a rare and scary thing. You simply do not have any previous experience with it and there are many horror stories you have heard from your friends. Lam & Co.'s expert divorce lawyers are focused on sharing information with you to assist you as much as possible in making painless and correct decisions.

How to choose a Singapore Divorce Lawyer

You have thought about it carefully and you have confirmed that there is no future to your marriage. You want to divorce your spouse. The next step is to find a lawyer.

Or, your spouse has suddenly sent you the lawyer's letter or some court documents. What should you do next?
You should choose us because:

  1. We have a 24 hours (almost), 7 days a week, hotline: 6535 1800.
  2. Our hotline is answered personally by our lawyer who has more than 25 years of legal experience. 
  3. Every effort is made to answer general information questions. 
  4. Depending on complexity, we give you an immediate quote over the phone. 
  5. If it is not possible to quote over the phone, we arrange an appointment for a No Charge, No Obligation 45 minute interview. 
  6. After this interview, we share with you what we feel we can do for you and also the costing. After this, you can go home to think it over without any pressure.
  7. We are effective. For example, if we did not succeed in reducing the maintenance, our client would have to pay 20 per cent more maintenance (compared to the reduced figure). This would be, of course, a significant amount to our client. We can succeed even in an especially difficult application to reduce maintenance for the children, NOT for the spouse. (Usually, the Court is more reluctant to reduce maintenance for the children than for a spouse who is also working.)
  8. We are fast. For uncontested cases, we prepare the divorce documents on the spot at the first meeting with the client. In this way, the client can immediately show the documents to the spouse after the first meeting and if all is acceptable, an urgent appointment can be made for the documents to be signed and then filed into Court. In this way, the client's case can proceed as quickly as possible.
  9. We listen carefully to our clients. We are contactable either on our hotline (6535 1800) or our direct office number. Often, we make numerous amendments in order to tailor the documents to our clients' requirements. There can be as many as more than 10 amendments to a single document in order to get it just right.
  10. We arrange for the professional witness to our clients' signatures to come to our office to witness their signatures. This means that our clients need not wait while we try to hunt for a witness to their signature. They can come to our office and the professional witness will be waiting at our office for them. The professional witness who we engage can also translate court documents into Mandarin and dialect, if necessary.

Call Lam & Co. now at 6535 1800.

About Lam & Co.
We seek to appreciate and understand your situation and put your aims and objective first. We will use our tried and tested Lamnco Method (developed over more than 25 years of successful legal experience) and strive for the best possible outcome for you. 

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