Typically, we will conduct an initial interview to understand your situation better.

Then, we will prepare the draft divorce papers for your approval.

After you have approved them, they are shown to your spouse for his or her approval.

After both of you have approved the divorce papers, the signing copies will be prepared and an appointment fixed for the both of you to attend and sign the papers.

When you and your spouse sign, your signatures will be witnessed by a Commissioner for Oaths.

After that, the signed divorce papers will be filed into court.

Then, the court will fix a hearing date.Usually, neither of you needs to attend court.

On the hearing date, the judge will review the divorce papers and if they are in order, he or she will grant an Interim Judgment.

After that, there is a 3-month waiting period.

After the 3-month waiting period, the court will grant the Final Judgment.

(If you have any children with your spouse who are below 21 years of age, the court will also write to the both of you to attend a counseling session.If you wish to, you can call up to reschedule your appointment so that you do not need to attend at the same time as your spouse.You should not bring the children to the counseling session.)

The above is not legal advice and should not be taken as such.

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