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Singapore Divorce Lawyer - Lam & Co Blog

For most people, divorce is a rare and scary thing. You simply do not have any previous experience with it and there are many horror stories you have heard from your friends. Lam & Co.'s expert divorce lawyers are focused on sharing information with you to assist you as much as possible in making painless and correct decisions.
Philip Lam - Singapore Divorce Lawyer

You are Thinking of a Divorce but Have No Idea How To Go About It. What should You Do?

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, a marriage can still breakdown.

What can you do? How do you go about getting a divorce?

First of All, Ask whether There Is Any Future to the Marriage

Before giving up on the marriage, you should take some time and think about whether or not there is any future to the marriage.

After thinking for some time, you will usually come to one of 3 answers:

-Yes, actually, there is a future to the marriage. These are some of the things I can do to save the marriage: A, B and C.

-No. I am sure there is no future to the marriage. I have already done everything I can to save the marriage.I want to get out.

-I am not sure whether there is a future to the marriage.

If You are Sure There Is A Future OR If You are Not Sure

You should make every effort to try and save your marriage. This is
because moving towards divorce can be very damaging to the marriage. It can cause irreversible damage.

In trying to save your marriage, you may consider:

-turning over a new leaf, accepting your spouse for who he or she is and accommodating to his or her wishes.

-going for counseling, on your own first and then, later, if your spouse agrees, together.

What You should do If You are Sure There Is No Future to Your Marriage

You should reach out to a qualified lawyer to understand the law and identify the specific actions and steps you should take to prepare for the divorce.

Lam & Co. (Advocates & Solicitors) handle international and Singapore divorces.

We can help by addressing your questions and speaking about how to move forward.

For a no obligation discussion, call +65 6535 1800, email lamnco@lamnco.com 

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