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The LAMNCO Method

The Winning Formula For Divorce

With our proven, client-focused Method (developed over more than 25 years of successful legal experiences), we listen very carefully to you and truly understand what is important to you.

For uncontested divorces, the goal is a hassle-free divorce. For contested divorces, the goal is to achieve your objectives quickly, while containing costs. Our Method is based on the following approach:


First of all, we listen to you. We genuinely want to hear about you, your family and the issues you face. Only by listening closely can we fully understand your situation. To do this, we put you at ease so you can speak comfortably about your fears, your needs, wants and desires.



To understand is one thing. To understand and empathize is to appreciate. Our objective under this phase is to appreciate and grasp the challenges you face in your marriage and how your spouse has been treating you.



Then, we maximize the strengths of your case. For example, if the children are still young and you have been the one looking after them all this while, we will emphasize this to the Judge and inform the Judge that you are ready, willing and able to continue providing a stable environment for the children after the divorce.



At the same time, we aim to nullify the weaknesses in your case. For example, if you are not working and do not have any income with which to raise the children, we will argue for the Judge to order your spouse to pay to you monthly maintenance to be used for the benefit of the children.



In order to convince the Court, we work with you to Collect the necessary evidence. We will come up with an action list for you to do. For example, you may have to gather receipts, email, SMS or WatApps messages, photos, etc., in order to be presented as evidence to the Judge.



Finally, it comes to the action we (both you and ourselves) have to take in order to Outperform the opponents. We will have to present you case well and you may have to give evidence to the Judge.


Our tried and tested LAMNCO Method brings to bear our many years of experience to help you get what you deserve. It arms us with the knowledge and skills to help guide you away from pitfalls and errors and steer your case towards success and victory.

Your first step is to call our experienced Divorce Lawyer at +65 6535 1800 so that we can explain to you on how we can apply the winning formula to your case effectively and in detail.


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