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Are You Thinking About Divorce?

You should consider whether or not there is any future for your marriage.  If you feel that there is a chance your marriage can be salvaged, let us know and we will help you achieve that. 

For example, we can put you in touch with an experienced marriage counselor, write to your spouse to propose counseling, etc.  Rest assured, we much rather not make money on your divorce and save your marriage than the other way around.

If you are sure that there is no chance of saving your marriage and you want a divorce, we can also help you attain that goal.  Call us at 65351800 to fix an appointment.

Our First Appointment

At our first appointment, we will interview you to understand your case in more detail.  For this meeting, if you wish to, you can bring along your identity card, marriage certificate, copies of spouse and children's identity cards or birth certificates. 

Some clients also bring along documents to show that they were the ones paying for the housing loan, the water and electricity bills or the children's expenses.  It would be useful for you to bring along whatever documents you have which show both side's income, expenses (including the children's), assets and liabilities.  However, please do not worry if you do not have such documents.  Many of our clients come for a general discussion first and often, they do not bring along any documents.

However, please do not worry if you do not have such documents.  Many of our clients come for a general discussion first and often, they do not bring along any documents.

At the first meeting, we will ask you questions to appreciate your situation and the issues you face.  We will listen very carefully to your answers to determine how we can help.  In particular, we will seek to identify accurately your goals and objectives.  Maintenance, assets, children?  Dog, monkey, cat?  Depends on your circumstances.

By the end of the meeting, we will share with you how we are able to help you achieve your goals and objectives.  Then, you can decide whether or not to proceed.

The LAMNCO Negotiation Method

Depending on your specific situation, we may write to your spouse to let him or her know your terms and conditions.  We will try to negotiate a settlement on your behalf and this can help reduce the legal costs (instead of straightaway suing your spouse and issuing a Writ for Divorce).

Even after filing your application for Divorce in court, there is still the opportunity to go for mediation and counseling.  If, despite these efforts, your spouse is not agreeable to an amicable settlement, we will then fight the case for you.  In this way, we maximize the chance for your and your spouse to achieve an amicable resolution.

Very often, your case will be "fought" with affidavits (sworn statements).  We will work closely with you to prepare your affidavits in such a way as to maximize the strengths of your case and reduce or nullify the opponent's case.  There may be many meetings and exchanges of draft affidavits until them are ready to be filed into court.

If you or your children or relatives need to stand as witnesses in your case and tell the Judge what happened, who paid for what, etc., we will be by your side, answering any questions you have, giving guidance and helping all of you to prepare for the trial.  This can include identifying likely questions, conducting test question and answer sessions, discussing your spouse's strategies and objectives and how to thwart them.

Depending on your situation, we may be able to:

  • get you a divorce even if your spouse does not agree.
  • get you a divorce even if your spouse cannot be found.
  • get you a favourable division of the assets even if your spouse objects.
  • get you a lower maintenance order even if your spouse fights the case
  • get you joint custody of your child(ren) even though your spouse objects.

We Believe in a Hassle Free Divorce As Far As Possible

We are always here to do what we can to preserve what you have left and make your divorce hassle free.

Rest assured with our proven, client-focused Method (developed over more than 25 years of successful legal experiences), we listen very carefully to you and truly understand what is important to you.

For uncontested divorces, the goal is a hassle-free divorce. For contested divorces, the goal is to achieve your objectives quickly, while containing costs.

Your first step is to pick up your phone and call +65 6535 1800 or leave your information below. We get back to you at a moment's notice.


Philip Lam - Divorce Lawyer
Founder of Lam & Co.

What We Intend To Do For You

We understand that for most people, divorce can be a stressful and traumatic process. We have a lot of experience with divorces but most people divorce only once in their whole lives.

Our objectives

Because of the above, our objectives are to:

  1. Support our clients by providing affordable divorce services. Where appropriate, we will refer them to legal aid resources.
  1. Use our expertise to guide our clients with actionable advice.
  1. In this way, we advocate for our clients and
  1. We protect women's rights and also men's rights.
  1. (Where applicable) we enable both parties to minimize their costs and proceed by way of mutual divorce (consent divorce).

Affordable divorce services

We support our clients by providing affordable divorce services.  We are able to do this by leveraging on our expertise and experience in order to expedite and streamline the process.

In particular, our charges for consent divorces are competitive.

Where appropriate, we refer our clients to legal aid resources.

Actionable advice

We provide our clients with actionable advice.  This is so that they can take a step-by-step approach to carefully consider whether or not there is a future to their marriages. 

If so, we advise them on what action they can take to salvage their marriages.

If not, we advise on what precise steps they need to take in order to get their divorce processed expeditiously and effectively.


As the case progresses, we are definitely on our clients' side and by our clients' side, advocating for them.

Gender neutral

We are gender neutral.  We strongly defend both women's rights and men's rights equally.

Mutual divorce

We also strongly recommend mutual divorce, settlement and mediation.  But if the other side refuses to settle, we will fight hard for your case.


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