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Thinking to Adopt a Child Now?

Hi and welcome.  Once you have reached this page, it usually means that you wish to adopt a child.  You have come to the right place.

What is an Adoption Order & Why do I need one?

An Adoption Order usually does two things. 

  • (A) It ends the parent-child relationships between the natural parents and the child. 
  • (B) It creates new parent-child relationships between the adoptive parents and the child.

You need an Adoption Order in order to become the legal parent of a child who is not your natural child.

What can go wrong if I do not get an Adoption Order?

Without an Adoption Order, you cannot become the legal parent of a child who is not your natural child.  This also means that without a valid Will, the child will not be entitled to any part of your assets if you pass away.  (Similarly, without a CPF Nomination, the child will not be entitled to any part of your CPF funds if you pass away.)  The only way for you to become the child's legal parent is to get an Adoption Order.

You should contact us as early as possible since the age of the child is one of the factors that the Director of Social Welfare may take into account in assessing whether the adoption will be in the best interest of the child.

LamnCo Adoption Process

With the LamnCo Adoption Process, we will process your application in a fast and efficient way and usually,

  1. You do not need to attend Court.
  2. We will use our winning formula which we have perfected with the benefit of more than 25 years of legal experience.
  3. We will prepare the appropriate documents (on the spot) at our first meeting.
  4. We will guide you through the process including registering for the Pre-Adoption Briefing, preparing the Consent for the natural parents to sign, etc.
  5. We will prepare the appropriate Statutory Declaration for you to sign to facilitate the child's attendance in school.

What should I Do Now?

Call us now at 6535 1800 so that your application can proceed smoothly and quickly.



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