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Adopting a child can be a highly rewarding, enriching and fulfilling experience. It also involves a lot of responsibilities and is a long term commitment. Careful thought should be given before adopting a child.


You have found the perfect child to adopt and you want to get the legalities done.  We can help you application go as smoothly and as hassle-free as possible.  At the very first meeting, we can help you register for the Pre-Adoption Briefing (which is mandatory).  We will also immediately start preparing the documents to expedite your case.

In fact, once you call us, we will be able to over the phone, give you an overview of the process and also touch on the issues that can arise in your case.  Kindly take note that the Adoption process is subject to certain age requirements (as regards the adopters and the child).  Because of this, it is important that you call us at 6535 1800 as soon as possible to check that the requirements are complied with.

Legal Implications

The main legal implications are set out in the Adoption of Children Act, Chapter 4.  In particular, once the court makes an adoption order, the child’s legal ties with its biological parents will be severed and the adoptive parents will take over all rights, obligations and responsibilities in the care and education of the child. 

For example, the adoptive parents will have the duty to maintain the child and look after his or her physical, mental and social well-being.  The adoptive parents will also have the right to make decisions regarding the child, such as his or her education, religion or medical treatment.


Adoption Requirements (for the child)

Child’s age

The child must be below 21 years of age.

Residency Status

Adoption General Requirements
(for those wishing to adopt a child that is not from China)

Residency Status

You and your spouse must be resident in Singapore, that is, both of you must be Singapore Citizens or Permanent Residents, or holders of Employment Pass, or Dependant’s Pass (or any other Pass which the Family Court accepts as proving that both of you are resident in Singapore).

Marital status

STEPS to Adopting a Child

STEP 01 (A): Pre-adoption Briefing

Before identifying a child for adoption (or applying for a Home Study Report, or applying to court, or beginning the adoption process), you and your spouse must attend a Pre-Adoption Briefing. The briefing is compulsory and both you and your spouse should attend. It is a 2.5 hour, one-off session and is conducted in English, Mandarin and Malay. The briefing will cover:

  1. the adoption process, including the eligibility criteria for adoption;
  2. your rights and responsibilities once you become an adoptive parent;
  3. the needs of an adopted child; and
  4. sources of support for you and your adopted child.

Please call Lam & Co. at 6535 1800 for assistance registering for the Pre-Adoption Briefing.

STEP 01 (B): Foreign Nationals
STEP 01 (C): Home Study Report
STEP 02: Identify a Child for Adoption
STEP 03: Dependant’s Pass
STEP 04: Get Child’s Parents’ Notarized Consent
STEP 05: Get Child’s Identification Documents
STEP 06: Prepare Itemized Breakdown of Costs (if any) in Obtaining the Child, Together with Original Receipts
STEP 07: Apply to Court
STEP 08: Appointment of Guardian-In-Adoption
STEP 09: Appointment of Child Welfare Officer
STEP 10: Apply for Hearing Date
STEP 11: Hearing
STEP 12: Outcome


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