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Appointment of Deputy


What is an Appointment of Deputy Order & Why do I need one?

When someone is mentally capable of handling his (or her) own affairs, that person can buy or sell or give away his or her assets as he or she wishes.  There will be a problem if once that person is unable to decide matters concerning his (or her) own personal welfare and property and affairs because his (or her) mind or brain is not working properly.  The bank, the HDB, etc., cannot follow the instructions of such a person.  (In the Court documents, this person is usually referred to as, "P".)

In the Appointment of Deputy Court Order, the Court will state clearly who is authorized to handle (sell or transfer, etc) P's assets.  With the Deputy Order, the bank, the HDB, etc., will be able to look at the Court Order and see that you are the person authorized to handle P's assets.  In this way, they can safely follow your instructions.

What can go wrong if I do not get an Appointment of Deputy Order?
If the bank or the HDB or other authority asks you to get a Deputy Order and you do not do so, you will not be able to handle (or do anything with) P's assets.  If the assets are time sensitive, for example, stocks and shares, it is best to apply for a Deputy Order as soon as possible.  Any delay may prevent you from selling time sensitive assets at the best time.

LamnCo Deputy Process

With the LamnCo Deputy Process, we will process your application in a fast and efficient way and usually,

  1. You do not need to attend Court.
  2. We will use our template which we have perfected with the benefit of more than 25 years of legal experience.
  3. We will prepare the appropriate documents (on the spot) at our first meeting.
  4. We will write to the hospital enclosing the correct form for the doctor to fill in.
  5. We will share in our letter to the hospital what the Court requires.  This is so that the doctor can follow the Court's requirements and avoid any unnecessary delay and cost.  (The Court has, in the past, rejected medical reports for being in the wrong form, for having details which were handwritten and for not complying with the Court's other requirements.)

What should I do now?

Call us now at 6535 1800 so that your application can proceed smoothly and quickly.



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